How to Help Your Kid: Efficient Homework Tips for 1st Graders

Moving from the playschool to elementary one is a huge step for every kid. That’s why first graders sometimes face difficulties in their new everyday life. This happens because children have to deal with a bigger amount of educational materials and devote more time to school. Furthermore, kids must do their homework. This is a big challenge for them, but, fortunately, their parents are always happy to help them. The tips listed below will help in home tasks solving.

  • Divide home tasks into little items.
  • Due to the fact that kids spend almost the whole day at school, their homework should be made more accessible. Permission to study little parts of the whole material and letting children rest while changing the learning topics would be a good idea for those who receive home tasks every day. In case of having home tasks for a week, dividing the whole task into several parts, one part for every day, can do the trick. And, of course, compliment and inspire your kid regularly.

  • Join forces on home tasks.
  • Getting together on homework is a good chance not only to help kids in studying but also to speak with them about their life. Ask your child about school life and studying process. Show your first grader that you are entirely concentrated on him or her while dealing with home tasks. Try not to focus your attention on things that your child makes wrong. Instead, concentrate on something positive your kid does and do not shout even if homework is turning into conflict. This is a very important issue to avoid stressful situations when dealing with home tasks.

  • Be gradual.
  • You should help your kid in studying by using the school teaching techniques. To find it out address to the teachers of your child and ask them to describe the concrete ways of studying in their school. For instance, a teacher of mathematics can tell you that they are using physical objects to study addition and deduction. It means you can practice counting at home with your child by adding apples or oranges. Do identical things that teachers do.

  • Make reading more attractive.
  • Reading for a certain amount of time every evening is a usual part of home tasks for first graders. However, most of them are beginners and often cannot read the whole book on their own. In addition to it kids usually don’t like leveled school books. Children count them tedious and prefer reading their favorite books with parents at home. You can help your first grader with reading by creating some kind of personal book where your child will be able to draw, write and figure out the meanings of new words. This is a good method of making reading more attractive and your kid more excited with it.