Looking For Reliable Answers For Homework Assignments For 1st Graders

Although it is sad to see our children head off to grade 1 - their first day of "real" school, it also fills parents with a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is the loving and nurturing relationship parents have with their children that allow them to grow and become little people with their own dreams and personalities.

In today's academic age, there are no more nights that are homework free, even for those as early as kindergarten. With this being said though, the majority of teachers do not send work home with children on Fridays when they are in the lowest grades. With the variety of subjects that your little one is bound to be studying in class, you are going to need a good place to look for reliable answers to assignments that are being sent home to be completed. If you are drawing a blank on this, here are some places you want to be sure to explore:

  • Websites
  • There are a large number of websites that are aimed at helping children get the answers that they need to complete their work. Some sites are subject specific, while others are able to assist with a variety of them. Try searching with the term "free homework help for first grade" and see what results you obtain. Verify the accuracy of the site you choose. To be certain you are getting reliable information for your child, look specifically for sites which are run by, or affiliated with, educational institutions or school boards.

  • School textbooks
  • Most textbooks have the answers to questions listed in the back of the book. What your child is learning is coming directly from a curriculum based on these works so it makes sense that the answers would be there. There are also practice questions that can be useful to make sure your little one fully understands the material. If the actual answer is not found in the back, have them re-read through the section of the book that deals with the particular material again to make sure they understand what is being asked of them.

  • Parents
  • While you don't want to get into the habit of giving your child all the answers, there is nothing wrong with going over their work to make sure it is all correct. Point out the areas where they made mistakes and explain why it is wrong. Until they reach the higher grades, math, science, vocabulary, reading, and spelling are all subjects that parents should feel confident in helping their kids with.