Pros And Cons Of Homework: 10 Thoughts On The Subjects

With so schools and colleges handing out so much homework, students often fail to finish them on time.

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of having homework:

  1. Burdened with assignments, students hardly get time to participate in other day to day activities.
  2. With regular projects and assignments, students remain on their toes and complete the chapter that was taught at school.
  3. When a student has so much work even after school, they hardly get time to play outdoors. A healthy body is very essential for a healthy mind. Without the right amount of exercise, a student might become frail and sick. They may even have to skip school. Regular exercise is very important for proper growth and development. The huge work load hardly makes it possible.
  4. Students take the subjects seriously and prepare the chapters well in advance. Without the pressure they may get lax and assignments are good way to know how much they have actually learnt.
  5. With a huge workload students often skip the actual studying. With custom writing agencies mushrooming across the World Wide Web, there are many students who get the work done by some professionals and pay their way to a good grade.
  6. The workload also helps to keep the student under pressure. So they do not have to face the whole syllabus before the examination. They actually utilize the time and learn something almost every day and even revise those at home.
  7. When a student has to study even at home, it raises serious question about the effective tutoring at school. Students should be able to finish their students at school but they carry the work at home and finish it there. This sets a bad example and the practice may well continue during work life.
  8. Students might be doing the same thing at school and then at work. This dulls their productivity and makes them predictable. They cannot be creative and come up with innovative solutions. They rather stick to the obvious and hard rote answers.
  9. Students learn discipline and how to be effective. In order to finish all the work, they will have to learn time management and this will be of great assistance in later parts of their lives.
  10. At the end of the semester the student is prepared for the test. Someone who has done the work regularly has no need to fear the exams or stay up late learning new things.