How To Cope With High School Homework Overload

In high school, teenagers are preparing for college and this means an onslaught of homework. The homework overload may seem unreasonable, but the reality is that they are being prepared for the work they are expected to complete in college. At a university the professors are not there to convince the students, or beg them to do their homework. College is the make or break time where students must act on their own initiative to make sure they can succeed. Transitioning from junior high school to an actual high school is challenging for incoming freshman because of the homework overload. There are some very useful tips that may help incoming freshman, as well as upperclassmen.

Manage your time well.

  • Make a schedule of the classes taken and decide which days to complete which assignments.
  • Prioritize the assignments by order of importance leaving extra time.
  • Do assignments in advance. If teachers have provided a syllabus with the assigned readings and materials, take the initiative to work ahead if there is time.
  • Keep after school activities to a minimum. Sports and community service look good on a resume, however cramming a school schedule with too many after school activities can become overwhelming.
  • Some students have a free period in their school schedule. Use that time wisely to catch up on homework assignments.

Get enough rest.

  • It may seem impossible to sleep at night with all of the homework needing to be done. However, make a sleep schedule. Make sure to get enough sleep to be able to function well enough to do homework assignments.
  • A short nap after getting home from school may make it easier to think clearly while working.
  • Use weekends to rest. Also, take this time to complete assignments. If assignments are completed early it will allow time for rest during the week.

Eat well and stay hydrated.

  • This may seems unimportant, but it is something that is quite often overlooked.
  • Dehydration is a serious ailment and can be detrimental to a student’s health.
  • Provide healthy snacks. Prepare lunch to take to school with water and healthy snacks. Eating at a vending machine all day will slow the metabolism, making a student sluggish.

Work with others.

  • This does not mean cheating.
  • Studying with a partner can make homework fun.
  • Enjoy yourself and work hard.