How To Do Homework: 5 Things Every Student Should Know

Sometimes, the hardest part of doing homework is not doing the actual questions or exercises, but actually just knowing where and how to begin. In order to complete tasks at home to the best of your ability, there are five essential things that you should know and keep in mind both before you start and while you complete your work.

  1. RTBQ
  2. RTBQ stands for Read The Bloomin’ Question! Whatever it is that you are expected to do - write an essay, answer questions or complete other tasks, you’ll need to know exactly what is expected of you. It is all too easy to presume that you know what you’re being asked. However, at least 50% of the time you will be answering a question that hasn’t be asked or answering it in the wrong way. Just make sure to collect yourself before you start, read the question (or questions) fully and properly, take a moment to think about what is expected of you, and then start your homework. You’ll be surprised how much this can affect how well you do!

  3. Think about what you did in class
  4. Homework is not given in a vacuum, so there is always some reason that your teacher wants you to write this essay or complete this particular set of questions. Try to remember back to class and think about how your teacher told you to go about answering the questions asked of you then. Often your homework will be a reflection of this. So, for example, in math if you are learning long division and your teacher gives you a specific method to use, use this when completing the exercises after class!

  5. Give yourself time but time yourself
  6. Of course, you need time to think, but you also need to be strict with yourself regarding how long it takes you to complete your work. For example, if you have to write an essay that is 1000 words long, it is not unreasonable to give yourself three hours to do it properly. However, if you go over that time either you are having trouble with the subject matter and should talk to your teacher or you are wasting valuable time!

  7. Give yourself a break
  8. It is definitely okay not to know the answer to every question straight away. Do not beat yourself up if you don’t understand the homework: it will just make you stressed, and then the questions will seem even harder! Just try your best and then make sure to ask your teacher to clarify during the next class.

  9. Try to have fun!
  10. Homework goes by much quicker if you are enjoying yourself, so if you are given a list of options or some amount of creativity when it comes to work, let your imagination loose! Do an experiment at home, paint something, write poems. Okay, exercises from a book can be boring but try to make a game of it. The more fun you can have, the better you’ll feel and the better your grades will be!