How To Get Live Homework Help For Free Online

It is hard to find anything that is free anymore, including homework help online and simply “googling” something does not always lead to the most comprehensive answer. I have compiled a few sites to use and strategies to get other helpful information to use when searching for live homework help. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a number of states that offer live homework help in the US for residents of their state. It could be beneficial to look into that if you happen to live in one of those states.

  • Although is based out of New York, it is a free service that anyone can use. You can request live help and tutoring through their website and by phone. They have specialists available for a wide array of subjects. They offer a database of frequently asked questions, a calculator for math help, and events for locals.

  • The Khan Academy, although it is not necessarily live homework help, it offers all kinds of great videos on math that I found helpful all through high school and even college. They are completely free, have an app for Apple and Android devices and you can watch the videos as often as you want. The Khan Academy programs as well as many other videos you can find on YouTube can be incredibly helpful when trying to work through tough assignments.

  • Question Point is a free reference service that is open 24/7. The service will connect you with a librarian who can help you to answer your questions. There are no requirements for residence for this service.

  • is a really great site that offers free tutoring through a system of community tutors. They are a completely free nonprofit organization that aims to help students of all levels get a solid education in a vast array of subjects. Anyone can apply to be tutored or to be a tutor. Applicants are paired with the best available tutor to suit their specific needs. Their goal is to bridge the American education gap. I am not sure if this service is offered in other countries.

Finally, Check into your specific area’s resources, San Jose California, Illinois, Delaware County Pennsylvania, New York, and many other states, towns, and counties offer their own tutoring services absolutely free. It is certainly worth looking into for a little extra help to get through those tough assignments. In the end it is up to you to make good grades and to get through high school. With a little research and determination, this can be possible on any budget.