Useful Advice For Doing Seventh Grade Social Studies Homework

It is been said plenty of times that students need to have homework assignments which develop their interests and improve their learning both at the same time. However, the question is that how on earth would you tackle a social studies assignment without being bored or how to make history interesting? You cannot change the dates and names of the events and famous personalities in history nor can you have any creativity in cramming those details. Hardly any student would come out and state social studies as his favorite subject. Well, to sum it down, history is definitely boring as long as you are only cramming it up. Do you wonder if there is any other way of doing it then?

Well yes, this post will talk about some tips and suggestions that you can apply to make your social studies homework easier and interesting

  1. Separate facts from concepts
  2. Categorize your task into two major categories

    Concepts: One you need to understand

    Facts: One you need to memorize

  3. Play the guess game
  4. Use colored papers to write facts and dates about an event and paste them on a board. Play the guess game with your friends

  5. Involve yourself in the situation
  6. Instead of thinking the event is useless for you to study now, try to consider yourself in that situation. Ask yourself what you would do if you were in place of Hitler or so

  7. Watch a movie or read a novel
  8. If you think there are plenty of characters involved in the event and you cannot memorize each name and date, you could probably watch a nice movie or documentary about it. This will help you build interest

  9. See the impacts on your current life and situation
  10. See why this event was so important that people died for it or dedicate their selves, how does this event effect your life today

  11. Discuss the ideas with your teacher
  12. Never in your life, you should hesitate to discuss or express and idea that is in your mind. Once an idea hits the walls of your brain, you should no longer contain it and try to find the best possible manner of expressing it. Even if you do not have the perfect method or explanation, do not bother. Perfect is an abstract word, no one can define any standards for perfect. So go ahead and discuss with your teacher