How to Find Free Reading Homework: A List of Ideas

If you like to read but would like some great ideas on how to expand your horizons into new readings that are really good books, the web has lots of free reading homework suggestions that you can search for according to your age or reading level. There are all kinds of ways to open up whole new worlds with suggested reading programs beyond what you’re getting in school that will expose you to the classics, the new classics, and high quality literature that will become your new addictive reading to savor.

  • What’s Great About Structured Reading Homework Plans?

  • Many of these free reading homework suggestions have whole, structured plans of how to complete larger written works. I’m currently using one to read the Old Testament—an intention I’ve had for a long time that I’m finally actually doing.

  • How to Find Free Reading Homework That Will Change Your Life

  • Finding great homework reading plans -- as finding all quality information on the web, is all about the search terms you use to find it. Try coupling the words “free homework reading” with “great ideas for reading the classics” or “addictive reads” or “great reads with reading response homework that’s fun.

  • Searching by Desired Challenge Level

  • Do you want to get challenged or do you want to revel in the Harry Potter series again, or something like it, perhaps – even though you’re twenty-one? Again, it’s all about your search terms. Search for “challenging books that will get you lost in other worlds” or take off the word challenging for something easier. You might also try fun search terms like “fun reading for mature kids.”

    Also, try searching for suggested readings at or beyond your grade or age level to expose you to new fiction. A great way to search is for “high school reading lists” and you can work your way through these, preparing for college way before you need to, and discovering whole new words in books.

  • Read Harvard, Berkley, Cornell, and all the Other Ivy Leaguers’ Reading Lists

  • When I was preparing for the GRE Subject Test in Literature, my favorite way to prepare was by going online and searching Google for different Ivy League schools’ reading lists. I loved feeling a part of what students were doing at Harvard or Yale. I also looked into schools reputed for their literature programs and copied their reading lists, and I found many great works of literature to read from all over the globe that I never would have discovered before.

With all these different search tips, you should be on your way to finding great readings with suggested topics for discussion or discussion questions that will help you to tease out all the major themes in the novel.