Homework Help: Where To Find A Good Free Tutor

There is no shame in needing a little bit of extra help with one or more subjects. Even the smartest people sometimes have difficulty understanding a new concept. Unfortunately, professors and teachers do not always have the amount of time required to properly spend one on one with the students who need help. If this is the case with you, it is going to be essential to find a good tutor. Not everyone can afford to pay the hourly rate that tutors ask. Thankfully it is possible to find good tutors for free. Uncertain where you should begin your search? Look below for some ideas to keep your school year running smoothly:

  • Ask the prof
  • Before you start searching high and low, ask your teacher if there is anyone that they can recommend. They normally keep invaluable up-to-date lists of who is doing tutoring in which subjects. As a bonus, they can also tell you who you should stay away from.

  • Talk to friends and classmates
  • Plenty of students use tutors on a regular basis so it is quite likely that someone you know is partaking of these services. Ask if the tutor they are using, or have used, presents the material in ways that are easy to understand. Find out if they are patient, and make sure that you get a thumbs up in "would use again" category. There is no point in wasting your time with someone who will not be able to teach you anything.

  • Talk to librarians
  • Librarians often keep a list of who is offering their services as well. Since a large percentage of studying gets done in the library, they are usually a good source of who seems to get the best results.

  • Check community boards
  • Many tutors advertise their services on peg boards that are located in dormitories, cafeterias, libraries, and other public common areas.

  • Student teaching assistants
  • There are some TAs who will help out with studying at no charge. They need to keep their minds sharp and helping others gives them additional practice in various topics and subjects.

  • Check online
  • There are some websites which offer virtual help for free. Along with practice questions, it is common to find interactive study aids and other tools. Many of these sites have chat rooms as well for those who need a little more intensive help.

If you have been unable to find someone for free, consider asking if you could make a trade with them. It never hurts to ask and you may find just the perfect person who is willing to help out if you do something simple like clean their car!