Where to Go If I Need Help with Math Homework

Math and the Wonders of the Internet

Students are blessed today with a sophisticated web which contains exemplary educational materials that can help students who once would have gotten by at a mediocre level to truly master their subjects, excelling in courses such as algebra, geometry, calculus and statistics.

The results of students learning in conjunction with the web have been phenomenal. Try some of these approaches to mastering math on the web.

Online Math Classes from Respected Universities

Today, you can get a Stanford education—even a Harvard education, without the exorbitant tuition, with university online classes designed to help

You can find online university classes in anything from abstract algebra to trigonometry. Many teachers who want to share their love of math with the world create these free courses for the student at home.

Math Problem Solvers

You can find problem solvers on the Internet which do not just solve your problem, but take you through detailed solutions of how to solve the equation. Look for respected websites or older, helpful math solvers on the web.

You can get help with any math issue with problem solvers in math categories from algebra, to equations, inequalities, matrices, graphs, and numbers.

Good ones detail the solutions. For example, one site I reviewed was very good in teaching percentages. I put in what is 9% of 100, and the site gave back a detailed explanation of how to make the problem easier by simply turning it into a fraction.

Online Tutors for Math Help

You can also find great online tutors for math. Most of these online sites will allow you to take a free trial of their services before committing to a paid membership, where you’ll be able to return to the site whenever you need help for a period of time.

Online tutors are beneficial because they will help you understand the problem in an easier way. Most people very skilled in math know how to approach a problem the easier way, because their high level of skill helps them break down complex problems to make them easier for students.

Choose your tutor wisely. Pick one who it seems like you could get along with well.

The Wonders of YouTube

Now hear this—you can become a math whiz solely with the wonders of YouTube. When I recently asked a graduate class their opinions of YouTube, they stated that they had mastered many challenging math courses with YouTube. One person who had always hated math said she made an A in Calculus because of YouTube.

You can search YouTube by inputting your problem or, even better, search for tutorials by the problem's category, such as "algebra word problems."

Do a Top Ten Search for Math Help Sites

One of the best ways to find quality math help is to ask the web for the top five, top ten, top fifteen, etcetera, online math help sites. This way, you can read the reviews on all of them and make your own choice.