A List Of Good Spelling Homework Ideas You Should Try

Spelling matters. There is nothing worse than presenting a letter, document, or research paper that is riddled with spelling errors. Students will begin word exercises and evaluations at a young age. This may seem tedious, but it does have purpose. Consider using some of our innovative and interesting spelling homework ideas. You will be glad that you tried them.

Good and Fun Homework Ideas to Try

  • Young children know their way around a phone and a tablet quite well. They are better at navigating the electronic programs and apps than most adults are. So, use the apps that have been created to help with spelling homework. Children may not even know they are working, the apps are so much fun.
  • Songs-children love songs and using songs that can incorporate singing and spelling is a win-win situation. You can also do the same thing with similar results with a rhyming poem. Kids like words that rhyme. They can rhyme their way to being a good speller.
  • Puzzles and games-a game such as hide and seek words or a puzzle like a word maze can be great homework ideas. With words and young children, the idea is to keep the learning fun and informative at the same time. You want to keep the children’s attention while having positive results.
  • Word exercises and evaluations will last up through the junior high years. Junior high kids may not be as enthralled with games and rhymes as the younger group. You may have to increase the stakes, and make the learning a bit more age appropriate. These students like word bees and word challenges more than simple games. They enjoy a good sense of competition in the class.
  • I have found that junior high students are enjoy a good crossword puzzle or a seek and find. There are many crossword puzzle and seek and find generators online. What used to take hours to create, now takes a few simple minutes. The rewards are amazing and the kids at the junior high and middle school levels love this homework idea.

Good homework ideas for spelling will equal good end results for your students. When you want to try some of these innovative, entertaining, and informative tips, use our list of ideas to help you. You will be amazed at the results in the comprehension progress.