How To Deal With Algebra Homework

When you are struggling to finish your homework assignments on time, it is important for you to work on your organization. Organization can help you improve your homework greatly.

Here is how:

  • Get a set of colored supplies. You want colored highlighters, colored folders, notes, and of course colored stickers that all match.

  • Designate each color for a particular course. You may have a system like the following:

    • Orange = Literature
    • Green = Geography
    • Blue = Biology
    • Yellow = Math
    • Pink = Health
    • Red = U.S. History

  • Try and make mental ties between the class and the color so that you can relate to it. For example: green is for geography because “geography” and “green” start with the same color. Or biology may be “blue” because it is located in H Hall on campus which is painted blue. Play around with your color system until you have a mental connection that you can remember. It may take a few days for it to sink in, so be patient.

  • Folders should be used for each course. Inside of each folder should be your homework. The type of folder you select is entirely up to you. You should ensure it fits within your requirements and that it works for you.

  • he sticky notes you have should be used for research, when you are writing down bibliographic information, quotes, article titles you need to check out, or reminders. If you cannot find multiple packs of colored notes, then use all white notes, but write with a colored pen that is associated with the color for your course.

  • If you can find colored flags, the smaller sticky notes that are often used to designate a required signature, that is perfect because they can also be applied to marking a page in a book. If you are tasked with a reading assignment, you can use that colored flag to mark the beginning and end points for your requirement. You can also use them to mark dates that important assignments are due. This will serve as a continual reminder that you have something important due.

  • Highlighters can then be used while you are reading over notes or textbooks. If you have photocopied pages, you can highlight them with the designated color for your course, that way you can know just by looking at the page, what class the paper is for. This helps especially if you misplace something and find a lone sheet of notes or a scanned piece of paper.

  • Use stickers or labels to mark your due dates for assignments on an office calendar or room calendar. If, for example, you know that you history term paper is due on the 20th, you can mark a red sticker on the 20th on your calendar. This will enable you to glance even casually at the calendar and figure out when things are due.