Is It Legal to Pay for Homework?

From time to time most students will feel overwhelmed by the amount of homework they receive in class. They may have trouble completing assignments or may have trouble understanding lessons. They may have too much on their plate or they may not yet have learned the skills needed to produce quality work. Whatever the reason, it’s not uncommon for students to feel the need to look for alternatives to get their homework completed so they don’t fail in class.

Today, there are hundreds of online homework services offering assistance and even completed assignments to students needing the extra help. Students who encounter these services will usually ask: Is it legal to pay for homework?

The short answer is: Yes, it is perfectly legal to pay for homework. It is, however, considered cheating to hand in work you did not do as your own.

This is called plagiarism and can lead to a number of negative disciplinary consequences. If a student is caught turning in homework that is not entirely his or her own they may receive a failing grade on the assignment, a failing grade for the entire class, and may even be expelled from school.

The internet has made plagiarism a lot easier. But it’s also become easier for instructors to find instances of cheating. For instance, several web services offer original homework they claim is completed by paid professionals. It’s more likely, however, that the homework is already stored in a database of material they have collected from sources throughout the internet. If an instructor grows suspicious of a student’s work he or she can usually run the completed assignment through one of several services that check for plagiarism.

The results can be disastrous. Instances of plagiarism tarnish a student’s academic record and can affect his or her chances of getting employment that maintains a high-standard of ethics. This can all be avoided by simply not cheating.

All this being said there are some benefits that come from purchasing homework. If a student needs to see how math problems are solved so that he or she can better grasp the concepts then it’s perfectly alright to pay for homework – as long as it isn’t being turned in. It’s also okay to pay for written homework in order to learn how to write better essays or to see examples of an essay in one’s particular subject. So, again, it’s perfectly legal to pay for homework, but the best thing is not to begin to consider turning it in as one’s own.